While taking part in the workshop Faire croître son entreprise sans la mettre en péril (Grow a business without jeopardizing it), along with two other industry colleagues, at the 2016 convention of the Corporation des maîtres-mécaniciens en tuyauterie du Québec (CMMTQ), LE GROUPE JENACO’s founder and president emphasized the importance of knowing how to surround yourself with competent people.

Already known in the community for managing a company where employees have a very strong feeling of belonging, Jean Turgeon gave a good overview of his open style of leadership that encourages participation. Called on to explain his success, he focused mainly on the desire to always do better. “Such an approach engenders a desire to excel and raises awareness of the importance of everyone’s role in carrying out a project, regardless of its size,” he said.

This search for performance does not cause him to lose sight of the human side of the process—actually, it’s the opposite. Rather, he believes, it appeals to the deep desire of each individual to reach their potential by pushing their limits.

In the context of the convention with the general theme Savoir évoluer avec le changement (know how to evolve with change), Mr. Turgeon repeated the need to take advantage of technological advances to increase business productivity and efficiency. Thanks to the many experiences initiated by LE GROUPE JENACO, it was possible to present concrete examples to support this view.

As a first-time panelist at the Corporation conference, Jean Turgeon said he was very pleased with the interest expressed by his colleagues present and the many discussions they had afterwards.

The Congrès de la Corporation des maîtres-mécaniciens en tuyauterie du Québec (CMMTQ) conference was held in Montreal on April 22 and 23, 2016. This event, organized every two years, ends with the presentation of the Maestria Gala rewarding members’ excellence in several categories.