LE GROUPE JENACO  won the prestigious 2016 Maestria Award, for the achievement of the year, at the 6th edition of the Maestria Gala, presented by the Corporation des maîtres mécaniciens en tuyauterie du Québec (CMMTQ), on April 23.

“We are particularly proud of this recognition that reflects well on all members of the Groupe Jenaco team,” said Jean Turgeon, company president and founder.

The Maestria prize in the achievement of the year category rewards the quality of commitment and the numerous initiatives of LE GROUPE JENACO during the realization of the Évolo 2 real estate project. This project obtained LEED GOLD certification and the 2015 Domus award for the residential project of the year and the ecological project of the year.

In addition to the high standards for LEED GOLD certification, the 263-unit 32-unit condominium project posed many challenges as regards building mechanics. Thought to be the largest residential complex to integrate variable refrigerant flow (VRF) technology in Eastern Canada, this project required a great deal of ingenuity and vigilance, especially when installing a mixed water loop. The latter is powered by both geothermal energy, a heating system, and a water tower for heating and cooling through a network of capacitors.

Among their many other feats, we should also highlight LE GROUPE JENACO’s contribution to the establishment of two high-efficiency condensing boilers. The presence of this equipment required meticulous planning for the mechanical rooms and the entire power supply circuit.

LE GROUPE JENACO also demonstrated great expertise in installing a mixed water system in a high-rise building. The approach developed by the company makes it possible to successfully deal with problems related to thermal expansion and the very high operating pressure exerted on the various elements.

In addition to technical prowess, another criterion that influences the selection of the winner for the Maestria award is customer satisfaction. The great appreciation of the owners of the condominium units as well as that of Constructions Reliance and the promoter Corporation Proment had an impact.

Commenting on LE GROUPE JENACO’s contribution, the promoter’s representative, Mr. Louis-Joseph Papineau stated: “These are solutions people who don’t wait for a problem to arise before acting. Instead, they are in “see beyond” mode to be able to prevent problems and even provide solutions to improve efficiency.” The ability to “handle the custom needs of so many clients without losing sight of the collective work on a major high-rise building” was also praised by Proment Corporation.

In short, receiving this recognition the first time it participated in the Gala Maestria, confirmed the relevance of the approach developed and followed by all of LE GROUPE JENACO’s team of about 70 employees. It should be noted that the company has developed solid expertise in high-rise building projects. The company is also pursuing its work in the commercial and industrial sectors.