After helping build Rocabella 1, LE GROUPE JENACO was awarded the plumbing, mixed water, and gas contract for Phase 2 of this prestigious Montréal real estate project. This new 42-storey, L-shaped building includes 298 one, two, or three bedroom luxury condominium units.

“We are particularly proud to have gotten Phase 2 of this major project. For us, this is tremendous recognition that values the work done by all the team members,” said Jean Turgeon, spokesperson for the GROUPE JENACO.

This type of project is always very motivating for the employees of the company, which specializes in building mechanics. Aware of the particular challenges inherent in this type of mandate, especially as regards the thermal expansion issues specific to high-rise buildings, team members have stepped up their planning and logistics efforts.

The experience with Phase 1 and the knowledge acquired working on several projects of comparable complexity have contributed significantly to the continuous improvement of the firm’s processes, which has become a point of honour. Already recognized for its meticulousness, LE GROUPE JENACO, which specializes in building mechanics, plays an active role in the success of these plumbing, gas, and mixed water contracts.

The Rocabella 2 real estate complex, an MC Finance project, is located on René-Lévesque Boulevard West, between the streets of La Montagne and Drummond, a few blocks from the Bell Centre. The construction project, under the supervision of Magil Construction, began in September 2016. It will require the involvement of a team of a dozen GROUPE JENACO employees throughout the project, which is scheduled to end in March 2018.