LE GROUPE JENACO a has obtained the plumbing, gas, and mixed water contract for one of Montréal’s most prestigious real estate projects, the Tour des Canadiens 2 Known for its expertise in building mechanics for high-rise buildings, the Saint-Hubert firm has just taken another step forward by becoming involved in the construction of this iconic 53-floor project, the highest in the history of the plumbing company.

“The knowledge of our team members combined with the experience gained in major real estate projects give us the edge we need to meet the technological and logistical challenges of this project,” said Jean Turgeon, company founder.

In addition to the thermal expansion issues for high-rise buildings, LE GROUPE JENACO has mastered the entire process of serving future owners of these prestigious condominium units. A significant asset for real estate developers Canderel and Cadillac Fairview in the development of this real estate project that has won numerous international awards for its marketing campaign

The Tour des Canadiens 2 construction project is being carried out under the responsibility of the general contractor Groupe Constructions Reliance that has worked with LE GROUPE JENACO on several projects in the past. Approximately 20 employees from the building mechanics firm will work on the project until 2019.

Already a recipient of the Best Architectural Design Award from the National Sales and Marketing Council (NAHB), the Tour des Canadiens 2 is distinguished by its slender, skewed, and tapered form. The architecture of this glass tower was sculpted to resemble an icicle tip.

It should be noted that this flagship building dedicated to residential real estate is part of the Quad Windsor project, which plans an ambitious two-billion-dollar, mixed-use, nine-building urban redevelopment project. The goal is to transform the heart of downtown Montréal.