École du Faubourg Cousineau

LE GROUPE JENACO’s expertise in geothermal energy will again be put to use in a new primary school project in Saint-Hubert, along Highway 30. The firm specializing in building mechanics has won the call for tenders for geothermal energy, gas, mixed water, and radiant floor work for this new construction.

This is the first time LE GROUPE JENACO has been involved in the construction of a school. The company, which has worked in the institutional environment, particularly in the healthcare facilities sector, will be able to demonstrate its skills in the very specific geothermal energy niche. In 2016, the Saint-Hubert firm won the Gala Maestria award for the achievement of the year for a 30-storey building using this technique.

“The expertise of team members in new cutting-edge technologies, including sustainable development practices, will be of great help to us with this school project,” says Jean Turgeon, founder of LE GROUPE JENACO. Conscious of the challenges that must be met with each new mandate, the members of the management team also seek to improve their ways of doing things by relying on the experience and knowledge they have acquired in order to always do better and thereby increase client satisfaction.

The construction work for this school that belongs to the Marie-Victorin School Board should begin in April 2017 and should be completed within a year. It will be under the supervision of Candev Construction Inc. LE GROUPE JENACO will assign a team of from four to six employees to the plumbing, gas, mixed water, and radiant flooring project.