Le Groupe Jenaco has obtained the mandate for plumbing, natural gas, and geothermal mechanical rooms for the prestigious EvoloX residential tower. This is the fifth large project for LE GROUPE JENACO in Pointe-Nord on Nun’s Island and the fourth high-rise tower with the Corporation Proment and the Groupe Construction Reliance.

 “It is an outstanding mark of confidence from our partners with whom we have created a very good team synergy over the years,” said Jean Turgeon, founder and president of Le Groupe Jenaco. The latter was also awarded the Maestria Prize for the achievement of the year with the Evolo II project, built with the same two partners.

The EvoloX residential tower has 36 floors in addition to two floors dedicated to mechanical rooms. It is the largest Groupe Proment tower in the sector.

LE GROUPE JENACO has been involved in the construction of a large number of high-rise buildings since 2010 (some of which exceed 40 floors), and has built for itself a solid reputation in the construction industry. Its expertise in thermal expansion, a problem specific to high-rise buildings, is an undeniable asset.

The staff’s expertise in all phases of a project of this size is also important. Everything is orchestrated to satisfy clients: from project design and mechanical room modeling to customer service, which includes offering a diverse range of quality plumbing products to future owners.

The EvoloX project will require the work of about 15 people from Le Groupe Jenaco for 30 months, starting in September 2017. This real estate complex has been designed to be on the cutting edge of the latest trends in architectural design and comfort. With this project, the Corporation Proment wants to reinvent urban life in the city while offering an exceptional view of Montréal, the river, and the South Shore.