Le Groupe Jenaco is involved in the construction of retail giant IKEA’s new distribution centre in Beauharnois. This is the company’s first collaboration with Broccolini, one of Canada’s leading construction, development, and real estate services companies. Broccolini is acting as the principal contractor in this large-scale project with an area of 1.2M square feet.

“We are especially proud to be working with the firm Broccolini on a project of this type that presents great challenges in logistics and coordination,” said Jean Turgeon, founder and president of the Saint-Hubert company.

The plumbing, heating, and natural gas mandate for this three-compartment warehouse has some interesting features One of the buildings, which houses the automated storage bay, will have a height of 118 feet. “In itself, this is just a regular job for us. It is this high compartment that adds a bit of a challenge and that makes the job interesting to us,” adds Mr. Turgeon.

Besides the need for good planning, the peculiarity of this large building’s roof drainage has to be taken into account. A team of around ten employees has been assigned to this project, which is expected to be completed in the fall of 2019. Ikea’s new distribution and warehouse centre will house conventional storage shelving in Buildings 1 and 3, as well as a one-storey office space that includes employee amenity areas.