Le GROUPE JENACO was chosen to work on the reconstruction project of the new Strøm Mont-Saint-Hilaire currently underway.  The Saint-Hubert firm, which specializes in building mechanics, was awarded the piping, plumbing, heating, and geothermal energy contract while a pool specialist will look after the water features.

This is a first foray into the area of Nordic spas for LE GROUPE JENACO. “This is a very demanding project. The nature of our work is at the heart of this project which requires exemplary quality,” explains Jean Turgeon, founder and president of the company, who adds enthusiastically, “it is both very exciting and challenging for all of us.

The great thing about this type of project is that it offers a showcase and proves the importance of a master pipe mechanic’s expertise. The management of the Saint-Hubert company also see it as a great opportunity to expand their expertise and demonstrate their mastery of water management, in a specialized niche such as that of a Nordic spa.

The company’s continuous improvement approach makes this project a great challenge for the team of six employees assigned to it until next June. At the same time, this contract provides LE GROUPE JENACO with an opportunity to expand its commercial outreach while developing a new business relationship with L’Intendant, the Quebec firm responsible for the construction, and with the client Strøm Spa.