During the 35th edition of the Chambre de commerce et d’industrie de la Rive-Sud (CCIRS) Prix Excellence competition, Le Groupe Jenaco, a building mechanics contractor specializing in piping, won the award in the category Entrepreneurs et métiers de la construction (building contractors and construction trades). These awards in fifteen regular and special categories recognize the efforts made by entrepreneurs and their contribution to the region’s economic development.

“The Prix Excellence competition is the perfect opportunity to offer our companies a platform that allows them to shine and showcase their efforts, their passions, their innovations, their excellence!” stated CCIRS president, Richard D’Amour. 

This was the first time Le Groupe Jenaco participated in the excellence competition. “This is a great way to highlight our 25 years in business that we are celebrating this year,” said founder and president Jean Turgeon, who was pleased to share this honor with all the members of his team.

“This award for excellence is a great mark of recognition for our way of doing things. It will also encourage us to always push our limits without losing sight of our goal of customer satisfaction.”

A Distinctive and Innovative Company

The category Entrepreneurs et métiers de la construction of the CCIRS Prix Excellence aims to highlight construction companies that stand out for the realization of a project, their growth, their management, and their impact on the area. 

Among the aspects closely examined by jury members are the company’s market development strategy in relation to the needs of its clientele, the ways the company distinguishes itself from the competition, and its impact on the community. Attention is also focussed on the creative and innovative aspects of the company, the efficiency with which operations are managed, and the concept of excellence within the organization. 

This new public recognition reflects on all members of Le Groupe Jenaco, master pipe mechanics. “Our success is founded on the contribution made by each of our employees, on the quality of their commitment, and their desire to strive for excellence at all times,” said Jean Turgeon, adding, “this award makes us proud and energizes us for the future.”

The CCIRS is the third largest business group in Québec with nearly 1,400 members. Among its roles are defending the interests of its members and participating in the economic growth of the area with the help of its partners.