The guests who attended the Groupe Jenaco VIP Night at Cirque du Soleil’s show Alegria will long remember this event. Organized to thank its clients as part of the building mechanics company’s 25th anniversary year, the evening elicited appreciative comments from the hundreds of people present.

“It was a great success that far exceeded everyone’s expectations,” said founder and president Jean Turgeon, who was pleased to have given his clients this unforgettable experience. 

Starting with a cocktail party under a big tent, Le Groupe Jenaco’s distinguished guests were treated to VIP treatment across the board, including first-class seats and gifts. A little surprise animation with a clown disguised as a plumber added a humorous touch to the proceedings which the president contributed to during his speech. 

Share to Build!

Jean Turgeon proudly stated that there were clients present who had been with the company since its very beginning in 1994. He emphasized the relationship of trust, built up over the years and through projects, and based on mutual skills and abilities. An approach that was the basis for Le Groupe Jenaco’s 25th anniversary theme, Share to Build. 

Highlighting the importance of each of the clients’ organizations that have served and continue to serve as models, the president and founder paid tribute to them. “Getting to know you, your requirements, and your expectations, has improved our way of doing things. Our desire to push our limits, to acquire new skills, and to develop our expertise to meet the changing needs of our industry is inspired by your examples.” 

While highlighting his and his team members’ satisfaction with the large number of clients present, he added “please know that this evening is in recognition of you, a way to say THANK YOU for your trust.”

Hats Off to Partners 

Le Groupe Jenaco’s success over the past 25 years has been helped by contributions from reliable partners. In his speech, Jean Turgeon gave special thanks to the partners involved in the programming of the 25th anniversary:

  • Louis Philippe Tremblay and André Descoteaux from Deschênes, main partner
  • Dénis Montour from Uponor
  • Frederick Lajoie from Lajoie and his partners
  • Rémi Parenteau from Victaulic 
  • Beaudoin Bergeron from RHR Expert
  • Our talent scout, Thibaud Lefebvre from Hilti
  • Tony Masecchia from AD Water’s
  • Jacques L’Archeveque from Crane Supply
  • Greg Boyd from Sutton


He ended his speech by also paying tribute to the members of the team at Le Groupe Jenaco, the effort invested, the talents of each employee, and especially, the synergy that brings everyone together and nourishes this “unshakeable faith in our ability to find solutions.”

At the end of this beautiful evening with a colourful, action-packed show, everyone present agreed that it was “a magical, unforgettable, extraordinary evening…” Words that warmed the hearts of the organizers and partners. 

The next important event to mark the 25 years of Le Groupe Jenaco will take place on July 14. This will be a day for the employees and their families.