The mood was festive as the families of Le Groupe Jenaco’s employees gathered together to celebrate the company’s 25 years in business. On the beautiful Mouton Village site in the Richelieu Valley, just over 200 people including a number of children were treated to a barbecue that was far out of the ordinary.

In addition to the excellent food, there were lots of games for both old and young. You only had to see the children’s sparkling eyes or hear the adults’ shouts and laughter to know the day was a complete success. Even a little rain at the start of the afternoon did nothing to dampen the participants’ enthusiasm. The many marquees proved to be very useful and also served to protect participants from the hot sun during a large part of the day. 

This big family fiesta was organized by the management of Le Groupe Jenaco to show their appreciation for the support their employees and their families have shown the company as it has grown over the past 25 years. 

In his address at the start of the event, president and founder Jean Turgeon stressed how everyone had contributed—the employees, of course—but also their spouses and their children.   “We are all aware that there are sometimes unknowns when carrying out projects that require extra effort. You are able to make that effort because of the support of your families.”

He continued by highlighting the quality of the work accomplished by all the employees, a source of pride not only for management, but also for the employees’ families. “This summer celebration is an opportunity to cultivate pride among your children and spouses for the vital work you do for Le Groupe Jenaco.” 

While highlighting the employees’ many accomplishments and talents, Jean Turgeon recalled another very personal reason for pride: “the open-mindedness that you have shown over the years. It is this quality, in particular, coupled with your ability to adapt, that has allowed all of us to work together in a collaborative way. A way of working that is becoming increasingly important as a forward-looking and promising approach for our industry.” 

Before inviting everyone to celebrate and have fun, he said he hoped “that moments like these and our accomplishments over the months will nurture your sense of belonging and your pride in Le Groupe Jenaco.

Judging by the comments made by participants, it was an unforgettable moment that lived up to the reputation of this building mechanics company that specializes in piping.