Le Groupe Jenaco’s services are currently required for the plumbing, gas, and oil work for the construction of a brand new aircraft hangar for the European company Airbus. This very specialized project is being fast-tracked. It requires excellent management and the ability to carry out a project that is somewhat out of the ordinary.

“This is a very exciting project for us that will require considerable attention and a lot logistically. Everything is outside the norm. We have to work with special drains, tanks, and oil reservoirs specific to the requirements of the aircraft industry,” said Jean Turgeon, founder and president of the mechanical engineering firm that specializes in piping.

Mr. Turgeon is also very happy to demonstrate his team members’ expertise in carrying out an accelerated project. “We have already successfully delivered the entire underground part and will respect the delivery deadline for the end of November. Le Groupe Jenaco’s first contract in the aviation niche is being coordinated by Magil Construction; the two companies have worked together on other projects in the past.

A team of four people has been assigned specifically to this contract in Mirabel which highlights the characteristics of the field of building mechanics.  

Source – photo: Alenka2194_Shutterstock.com