Since the resumption of activities in the construction industry after the lockdown due to the pandemic, Le Groupe Jenaco has hired a large number of new staff. In fact, 20 new people have joined the building mechanics firm that specializes in piping.

These newcomers will strengthen the team, both on construction sites and in our offices, and will fill some posts left empty due to departures during the lockdown.

The management team at Le Groupe Jenaco is always on the lookout for open-minded candidates, eager to increase their knowledge and to help improve established processes. The company is well known for its dynamic approach focused on the optimization of its human capital. It encourages all employees to use their talents, push their limits, and develop their skills. To do this, the company invests a lot in training programs.

With its focus on finding the best people available, Le Groupe Jenaco welcomes always applications. Last fall, the building mechanics company, founded in 1994, participated in an economic mission to Europe to promote job prospects in Quebec