The Share to Build scholarship program has been officially launched. This program, announced during the symposium held on November 1st, is supported by several partners, the first being Le Groupe Jenaco, which initiated this day of strategic reflection on the challenges faced by the construction industry.

In the first year, the Share to Build scholarships will fund at least two research projects directly related to the problems experienced by several industry players. The goal is to identify solutions that would quickly improve processes, increase performance, reduce costs, and facilitate collaborative work.

This is what unites the partners in this scholarship program which includes the National Bank, Groupe Deschênes, Groupe Fransyl, Constructions Bâtiments Québec (BQ) Inc., Conseil 2.0., and Bastium Construction. “The consequences of the recent global pandemic have added a sense of urgency and have prompted us to take action,” said Jean Turgeon, founder and president of Le Groupe Jenaco.


From left to right, Louis-Philippe Tremblay (Deschênes Group), Jean Turgeon (Jenaco Group), Johanne Guertin (Constructions Bâtiments Québec (BQ) Inc.), Daniel Vendette (Conseil 2.0), Luc Jutras (Fransyl Group), Geneviève Turbide Potvin (National Bank) and Gabriel Lefebvre (ÉTS).

In Collaboration With the ÉTS

The scholarship program is intended for graduate and postgraduate students of the École de technologie supérieure (ÉTS). The students benefiting from the program will be immersed in the reality of companies for the duration of their research project. They will be supported by existing staff and their ÉTS project manager.

In addition, the Share to Build scholarship program plans to support the construction engineering department’s Observatoire de la construction for three years. The Observatoire will add significantly to the advancement of the students’ knowledge mainly through activities designed to introduce the realities of the industry in the field.

“I am delighted, as are our partners, to set up the Share to Build scholarship program,” said Mr. Turgeon. “This is a direct result of the day symposium that looks very promising for the entire industry. We are already looking forward to seeing the results of these research projects.”