Le Groupe Jenaco has been awarded the plumbing, mixed water, and natural gas contract for Phase 3 of the Rocabella project. The building mechanics firm, which specializes in piping, was involved in the two previous phases of this prestigious real estate project in downtown Montréal.

“We are always very proud to participate in all phases of a project. It’s exciting and rewarding for team members to see the results of their work. This encourages them to constantly improve their ways of doing things,” noted company founder and president, Jean Turgeon

The third and final phase of the Rocabella project includes 197 luxury condominium units with from one to three bedrooms. The building is distinguished by its timeless architecture. Magil Construction is the principal contractor for this MC Finance group project—a group recognized for its work in real estate development in Montréal.

Le Groupe Jenaco, which, over the years, has specialized in high-rise buildings, will assign a team of 16 people to this new contract. The work will start in August and will be carried out over a two-year period.