The plumbing, heating, and gas contract for the construction of a senior and alternative housing project (MDA-MA) in Repentigny, in the RCM  of l’Assomption was awarded to Le Groupe Jenaco. This recently launched project includes 48 places: 24 reserved for seniors and the other 24 for adults with special needs.

This project is part of the vast operation to transform housing and long-term care environments that was implemented by the Government of Quebec. The plan is to add 2,600 new places between now and the end of 2022.

“After working on several projects with Medifice in the institutional health sector, we are really looking forward to continuing our collaboration with them as they have an excellent reputation in the field,” says Jean Turgeon, founder and president of Le Groupe Jenaco, entrepreneur in building mechanics.

Realization of this senior and alternative housing project was awarded to Medifice. The company is known for its work on structuring projects for the public. It has several CHSLDs and residences, including the Saint-Laurent healthcare residence, to its credit.

This MDA-MA will be built at the intersection of Jacques-Plante and Raymond-Goudreault streets in Repentigny. It will mobilize a team of 12 employees from the Saint-Hubert firm, that specializes in piping. Delivery of the project is scheduled for August 2022.

Source illustrations : Medifice