The Groupe Jenaco has been awarded the plumbing and natural gas contract for a major residential complex project in Lachine. Overall, the project has three phases. The first phase has 139 apartments spread over seven floors.

“It is very exciting for us to participate in this type of project which fills a need in the community, and which will reconfigure the sector for years to come,” said Jean Turgeon, founder and president of the building mechanics company. “This will give us the opportunity to continue our collaboration with general contractor Reliance Construction and develop a new relationship with developer GRI Capital.”

Phase 1 of this housing project is located at the corner of Remembrance Street and 20th Avenue in Lachine. The other two phases will cover the block formed by Remembrance Street, Saint-Antoine Street, and 23rd and 20th Avenues. There will be a total of 500 rental units in the complex.

Work on the first phase has already begun and  will continue until the summer of 2022. Groupe Jenaco, specializing in piping, will assign around 10 employees to this plumbing and natural gas contract.