The Groupe Jenaco was awarded the plumbing and natural gas contract for the second phase of the Oria project, led by the general contractor Edyfic Construction.

“We are very happy to continue our collaboration on this innovative large-scale project where we can put our expertise in building mechanics to use,” said founder and president Jean Turgeon. In fact, a team from Groupe Jenaco is already at work on the 158 condominiums of Phase 1. The Phase 2 Oria project has 311 units spread over 19 floors.

This is the third time that the piping specialists will be working with Edyfic Construction, the general contractor, and Devimco, the developer. In addition to the Oria I project, a team from Groupe Jenaco is working on the plumbing and natural gas contract for the 14-storey Eolia building in the same ecological real estate mega-complex Solar Uniquartier in Brossard. Note that the latter is characterized by its TOD (Transit-Oriented-Development) approach. It is counting on the fact that it will be within easy reach of the city with the REM station that will be operational starting in 2022 (light rail transit—LRT).

The Oria II project has upscale studios and condos with  1 to 3 bedrooms, and penthouses with elevated ceilings. There will also be a 1,100 square foot co-working space and several other amenities including an outdoor terrace equipped with a kitchen.

Work on this second phase will start in the fall of 2021 and is expected to be completed by fall 2023. Up to 18 pipefitters will be working on this plumbing and natural gas contract during peak periods.

Source Photo: Oria Condominiums — Devimco Immobilier Inc.