The Observatoire en construction of the ÉTS, with the support of the Share to Build scholarship program initiated by Le Groupe Jenaco, has announced the awarding of a $15,000 scholarship for a research project that will have a positive impact for everyone in the construction industry. The scholarship awarded to Mylène Chalifoux, a doctoral student in construction engineering at the École de technologie supérieure (ÉTS) will allow her to carry out a detailed study to improve a match between the training of future engineers and the needs of the construction industry.

The ultimate objective is to develop the skills of future construction engineering students in response to market expectations, in particular by identifying the types of intervention needed to improve students’ skills and then integrating the things identified into their university training to meet the needs of all concerned.

“We are very proud to realize that our $10,000 donation to the Observatoire en construction of the ÉTS is being used for research that is ever more relevant in this era of a pandemic where the challenges are constantly increasing in our industry,” said Jean Turgeon, President of Le Groupe Jenaco. “We need to further develop our links with the academic world and all construction chain partners to optimize our processes and to meet the challenges encountered both now and in the future.”

A Project With Major Impacts for Everyone Involved

After warmly thanking Jean Turgeon for taking the initiative for the conference and the Share to build scholarships, Gabriel Lefebvre, co-director of the Observatoire en construction and Professor in the Department of Construction Engineering, was happy to announce the addition of the amount of $5,000 from the Observatoire’s research fund to support the student’s study project, which will have a major impact on all partners from the university and the construction industry.

“The impact of the Observatoire’s actions will be felt on our market. Developing more partnerships between industry players and the academic world is in our best interests,” concluded Jean Turgeon.

The Share to Build scholarship program has raised $150,000 to support close to a dozen research projects over the past three years with the support of the government program Mitacs. In addition to Le Groupe Jenaco, several other major players in the construction industry are involved: National Bank, Groupe Deschênes, Groupe Fransyl, Bastium Construction, Conseil 2.0, and Constructions Bâtiments Québec (BQ) Inc.