Le Groupe Jenaco has obtained two new plumbing, cooling, and natural gas contracts for two data centre projects in Montréal (Pointe-Claire). The projects are being managed by the general contractor Montoni. The building mechanics firm from Saint-Hubert has already executed two such mandates with the Montoni construction company division that specializes in this field.

“It’s very exciting for us to contribute to these very technical data centre projects. They require a great deal of rigour in our specialty,” highlights Jean Turgeon, founder and president of Le Groupe Jenaco. Over the years, this firm specializing in piping has demonstrated its know-how when working on demanding projects such as data centres and aircraft factories.

Vantage Data Centers manages many data centres in North America. These two projects will enable the company to offer centres that meet the highest standards in the sector with a durable and reliable cooling and power system.

The work has already started and should be finished by the end of November 2022. The team hard at work on these two major projects will number up to fifteen people at crucial moments.