Le Groupe Jenaco has just crossed a key symbolic threshold by ranking among the 100 largest employers in the construction trades. The trade journal Champions de la construction commerciale et industrielle recently unveiled its annual ranking. Based on the number of hours worked during the year 2021, data compiled by the Commission de la construction du Québec (CCQ), this ranking also classifies the first 20 companies by specialty.

In the piping sector, Le Groupe Jenaco ranks 5th; in Montérégie it is the first company in the field. As the editor of the publication Champions de la construction commercial et industrielle points out, the choice of the number of hours worked as the basic criterion is proving to be “a formidable indicator of the performance of the most active contractors in Québec in their specialties.”

Founded in 1994 by Jean Turgeon, the building mechanics company specializing in piping is steadily continuing to grow and expand. This progress is all the more important for the first-generation company, because it also stands out for its expertise, particularly in high-rise buildings and in LEED projects.

“The announcement of this ranking is a source of pride for all of our employees. It is a reflection of teamwork at all times. It is also the result of our approach based on our ability to push our limits, to always improve our practices with the ultimate goal of always better serving our clients,” says CEO Jean Turgeon.

Recognized for the quality of its work and its ability to deliver the goods, the building mechanics company, specializing in piping, carries out mandates of all kinds in the commercial, industrial, and heavy residential sectors. Le Groupe Jenaco is also the instigator of the Share to Build symposium and scholarships to promote greater collaboration between stakeholders and share knowledge to advance the entire construction industry.