Le Groupe Jenaco held its big family gathering on July 11 at the enchanting Mouton Village site in Saint-Charles-sur-Richelieu. Judging by the happy looks on all the faces, the event, held under a radiant sun, delighted young and old alike.

On the program: a variety of unlimited food and drinks, lively music, entertaining  games for children and adults, inflatable games, face painting, in short, everything needed  to please the employees and their family members.

This great family celebration is part of Le Groupe Jenaco’s management philosophy that wants to acknowledge the contribution employees and their families make to the company’s achievements. The party was also designed to nurture a sense of belonging and make their children and spouses proud of the remarkable work done by Le Groupe Jenaco’s employees.

Jean Turgeon, president founder

In his short speech, founder and president Jean Turgeon thanked everyone for their commitment. He also highlighted the employees’ attitude of openness and their desire to give the best of themselves, day after day. He reminded everyone of the year’s theme “Together, anything is possible!“ Then he praised the spirit of collaboration shown by all.

Around 260 people attended the celebration. The first family event took place in 2019 so that all could celebrate together the 25th anniversary of the building mechanics company that specializes in piping.