In recent years, Le Groupe Jenaco has been carrying out more and more plumbing, cooling, and natural gas contracts for data centres in the Greater Montréal area.

One of the main reasons for this is the rigorous approach of the building mechanics firm that specializes in piping. It explains the excellent reputation Le Groupe Jenaco has with technology clients in carrying out this type of very demanding project.

The diversity of skills and know-how of the team members both upstream and on site also helps to reassure clients in this growing sector.

“Our strength is in delivering the goods and in respecting this industry’s high standards. We are always working to improve our processes to meet high requirements, whether for LEED certifications or for highly specialized sectors such as in the aircraft industry and data centres,” says Jean Turgeon, founder and president of Le Groupe Jenaco.

“Our approach allows us to continually raise our standards for all our projects.” Several of the data centre projects were managed by the general contractor Montoni.