The Royalton condominium and townhouse community, a high-end project in Town of Mount Royal, will benefit from Le Groupe Jenaco’s expertise in building mechanics.

This project, put together by Axxys a company that specializes in the construction of high-quality multi-residential and commercial buildings, is relying on the contribution of resources recognized in their respective fields. In addition to Le Groupe Jenaco that has the contract for plumbing and natural gas, the architecture firm Neuf Architectes, the mechanical engineering firm Desjardins  experts-conseils, and the structural engineering firm Elema will contribute to the realization of this project.

“We are happy to bring our expertise to this prestigious project with partners that are recognized for their excellence and their spirit of collaboration,” stated the founder and president of Le Groupe Jenaco, Jean Turgeon. “The members of our team are excited by this challenging project and by our first time working in partnership with the firm Axxys Construction.

The Royalton project includes a four-storey building and townhouses for a total of 95 units. A team of around ten pipefitters from Le Groupe Jenaco will soon be at work. Delivery of the project is planned for October 2024.

Source Photo:  Royalton