Health and Security

Our company specializes in building mechanics, but at its heart is the work of human beings. This recognition of human capital started as soon as the company was founded and has been with us ever since.

So the health and safety prevention programs in our company, focusing on expertise in high-rise buildings, have been around for a long time. Everything possible is done to prevent problems and protect our employees. We ensure a safe work environment everywhere, both on our construction sites and in our offices.

Practical Examples of Occupational Health and Safety

This constant concern pervades every project: from a risk analysis at the start of a project, through meticulous planning, and a choice of work methods that minimize risks at their source.

Our approach plans the implementation of preventive measures adapted to places and circumstances and takes the specific conditions of each job into account: restricted spaces, working at heights, etc. Training and promotional campaigns are organized to encourage and remind employees of the importance of best practices.

Our company, Le Groupe Jenaco, has excellent statistics on occupational health and safety requirements. We are aware that this ongoing attention contributes to our high staff retention rate—one of the best in the building mechanics construction industry.