Senior Estimator

Le Groupe Jenaco is a leader in the field of building mechanics, specializing in piping. The company offers a full range of services in plumbing, hydronic heating, natural gas, geothermal energy, radiant floors, etc., always taking into account environmental concerns (comfort and energy conservation). Le Groupe Jenaco is well known for its execution of high-calibre projects in the heavy residential, industrial, commercial, and institutional sectors.

Our team enjoys a friendly, stimulating work environment; we listen to our employees and show them respect. In short, a work environment that promotes personal growth and helps all employees to develop their skills.

Required skills

We are looking for someone who shares our corporate values that are built on close collaboration between management, administration, and worksites; someone who values team spirit, is willing to help others, and takes pride in a job well done.

The senior estimator is responsible for estimating future projects to ensure the company’s operation and contribute to the realization of efficient projects.

The ideal candidate will show initiative, has a good sense of responsibility, and knows how to manage time properly. He/she is thorough, attentive to detail, and has a positive and respectful attitude. This person views the job as a long-term investment and wants to reach his/her full potential within the company.

Your role

Under the responsibility of the director of the estimation unit, the incumbent must first successfully complete the following three major steps:

3 months

  • Understand Le Groupe Jenaco’s internal processes and quality assurance
  • Understand internal product codes
  • Work independently

6 months

  • Have a good conceptual understanding of different work methods
  • Work autonomously during the technical closing of file submissions
  • Be able to justify all aspects of his/her estimate to the director
  • Earn the trust and confidence of colleagues

1 year

  • Be able to close an estimate with the price while controlling the profit margin (costing vs selling)

Main responsibilities

  • Request costs from suppliers
  • Analyze plans and specifications, highlight elements open to interpretation and propose possible solutions when questioned. Develop the reflex of questioning the differences of each project (how does this project differ from the previous one?)
  • Participate in drafting a question-and-answer form with the various stakeholders in order to clarify gray areas and eliminate ambiguities
  • Have a good work structure
  • Carry out survey plans (take-off) by mastering state-of-the-art software that automates survey taking and installation time
  • Integrate the survey into our estimation management system (Maestro)
  • Calculate the number of hours with the help of an automated tool
  • Perform a technical review of the project and the estimate with the estimating manager
  • Prepare a proposal letter (bid) using our set templates
  • Check the amount of the estimate using set reference tools
  • Review the final amount and the proposal letter with the estimating manager
  • Establish guidelines jointly with the project management department

Contribution to the team

  • Perform relevant tasks to help team members in various circumstances including emergency, overflow, or special needs situations

Continuous improvement of quality and productivity

  • Stay abreast of trends, updates of construction products, and new developments in the field to always be at the cutting edge
  • Stay alert and be attentive to remarks, suggestions, or complaints from employees, clients, or anyone closely or remotely connected with the company in order to make concrete contributions to the continuous improvement of quality and productivity


  •  Knowledge and experience in plumbing, heating, piping, and/or other facets of building mechanics
  • Ability to use building mechanics estimation software, piping specialty (an asset)
  • Ability to work on a team with a keen sense of anticipation
  • Attention to detail (meticulousness)
  • Constant concern for budgets, deadlines, and quality of customer service
  • Open to being trained by the employer on the estimating aspect of building mechanics


  • Competitive salary
  • 4 weeks’ vacation from the first year
  • Group insurance
  • Employee wellness program
  • Continuing education program

Type of employment | Full time—Permanent

About us

Le Groupe Jenaco is known, in particular, for its approach that focusses on respecting and valuing its human capital. Everything possible is done to enable all employees to reach their full potential. Employees are encouraged to show initiative and to think outside the box. The company is well known in the industry for its collaborative approach. It also initiated the Share to Build Symposium Day and has created scholarships to promote research in construction management.

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