Our Approach

Our company was founded in 1994 with one fundamental principle : Combine all our talents to exceed our clients’ expectations in order to create and maintain lasting relationships with each one of them.

This credo of our founder has united all our employees. It has served as a driving force to nurture our vision and enable us to become a construction industry leader in building mechanics specializing in piping.

Today, we are proud to be recognized for what we are : Solutions people who are passionate, creative, reliable, and able to exercise positive intersectoral project leadership.

Solutions people who don’t wait for a problem to arise before acting. Instead, they are in "see beyond" mode to be able to prevent problems and even provide solutions to improve efficiency or productivity or simply to make things easier for all concerned.

Louis-Joseph PapineauB.Eng., LEED AP, Vice-President, Development and Construction, Corporation Proment

Our Approach


We have always worked in “collaborative” mode. We see ourselves as key players in the workings of a project. As such, we provide added value as soon as a mandate has been granted by thoroughly analyzing the project. We contribute our expertise and work along with architects, engineers, general contractors, and developers.

Our goal is simple: reduce the problems inherent in the realization of a construction project to achieve general satisfaction.

Our collaborative approach extends throughout all phases of a project, including work on the site. Our concern for doing things well in all circumstances means that we will coordinate certain tasks on a building site, for the benefit of all trades involved, to the delight of the client.

Our Culture


From the very beginning of our company, our founder was able to create an esprit de corps that valued the skills of each employee. Employees are recognized for the important role they play throughout the entire process of fulfilling a mandate. We encourage them to develop their knowledge and skills. Above all, we trust them.

At the same time, we encourage our employees to think differently, to develop their sense of initiative so they feel free to push their limits and open themselves up to possibilities. Although we operate in a traditional sector, we believe we can change our ways of doing things to improve our performance and to increase the satisfaction of all concerned, starting with our clients.

We rely on a unifying corporate culture fueled by the pride of a job well done.  

Our Values



Regard our employees as valued associates and treat them with consideration and empathy.Treat our clients as we would like to be treated ourselves.

Sense of responsibility


Allow the flexibility needed to do the work; tolerate learning errors; and promote independence, decision-making, and accountability.

Be transparent with our clients at all times, be proactive in preventing problems, and accept responsibility in all circumstances.



Encourage employees to show initiative by recognizing that they are often in the best position to identify needs, pinpoint the source of a problem, and intuitively consider relevant solutions. This is the basis of our ability to innovate.



Recognize each individual’s contribution.

Encourage exchanges, mutual support, and openness to differences in the ways of doing things. Show a willingness to achieve team objectives.



Recognize that success is the result of working together and helping one another.

Cultivate expertise and facilitate sharing with others in a spirit of solidarity for the benefit of all involved and the industry.