Our Company

Since its creation in 1994, Le Groupe Jenaco has quickly established itself as a one-stop shop in building mechanics, specializing in piping.

We cover all aspects of this field: plumbing, heating, natural gas. Our company has mastered the cutting edge expertise required for key niches: high-rise buildings (thermal expansion), sustainable development (LEED certifications), and quality control.

Right from the start of a project, we offer integrated services that include consultation, planning, 3D assisted drawing, and a careful assessment by our expert team of engineers and analysts. These services include coordinating work for the construction of mechanical rooms, quality control, and customer service including an exclusive showroom for our clients.

Our desire to always be the “solutions people” fuels our creativity and innovation in order to improve our productivity and better satisfy our clients. Furthermore, this approach reminds us that we are accountable to our clients, our partners, and our suppliers.

Collaborative Work

Our company stands out in many ways starting with its partner approach. This approach implies complete commitment. It focuses on close collaboration between all the participants in a construction project: from the promoters and general contractors to the architects and engineers, not to mention all the other construction industry stakeholders involved in the building work.

The strength of this approach is greater efficiency, better performance, and a completed project that satisfies all those involved.

Our People, the Number One Factor in Our Success

Another of the distinguishing features of our company, which numbers 185 employees, is its people. The company founder has one firm principle: respect and value the talents of your employees. Thus, whatever their job, employees are encouraged to do better, to think outside the box, and to actively innovate. Our employees are stakeholders in our success.

A perfect example of a professional, collaborative, and efficient team player, Le Groupe Jenaco has proven its ability to follow through on a project from the design phase to delivery, all the while respecting its contractual commitments. The availability of its skilled workforce, able to keep up with the fast pace of construction on the one side, and to assist professionals and the developer on the other side is one of Le Groupe Jenaco’s distinguishing traits. We are very satisfied with the work carried out by Le Groupe Jenaco and hope to maintain our good relationship.

Roger NaderMSc. Arch. Project Director, Canderel Construction