Our Expertise

Our desire to continually increase our knowledge and improve our skills enables us to push our limits and develop a solid expertise. Each of our mandates helps us learn how to improve our internal processes to the benefit of our clients.

This process of continuous improvement contributes to our being what we are: a key resource in the building mechanics industry with undeniable areas of expertise.

The way a company responds to problems tells us a lot about their strength.

Jeff Brown, Vice-President Construction, Reliance Construction


We have been involved in many large-scale residential projects that have achieved LEED Gold, and even LEED ND Gold, certification (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design, for Neighbourhoud Development).

To achieve these sustainable development certifications, each project must meet a range of requirements in five categories: ecological land development, energy efficiency, effective water management, use of environmentally sound materials, recovery of construction waste, and quality of interior design.

We do everything possible to help our clients collect the most points from their LEED efforts in all phases: construction, waste management, efficient water management, energy efficient performance, and product selection.

This requires a thorough, careful analysis of all aspects of our work. To support our clients, we have undertaken a review of all our work methods. We also examined the equipment and products we use. Here are some of the things we did to minimize impacts and meet the highest requirements:

  • Change our equipment
  • Establish new rules for worksites
  • Plan things down to the smallest detail to minimize travel and transportation of equipment
  • Ban a number of products including those that use aerosol propellants to get the best energy-efficient ratio
  • Select products with low VOCs (volatile organic compounds)
  • Reduce waste at source
  • Optimize waste recovery (90% of our waste is recycled to avoid sending it to landfill sites)
  • Minimize water consumption

It goes without saying that we are meticulous in applying sustainable development principles in our daily activities. This translates into raising our employees’ awareness, constantly searching for energy efficient and/or sustainable products, and encouraging our suppliers to develop products that comply with high environmental standards.

High-Rise Buildings – Thermal Expansion

Since we received our first mandates in building mechanics for high-rise buildings, we have taken the necessary means to overcome the specific difficulties posed by this type of construction. Among other things, we consulted with experts and developed our own expertise to meet the challenge of the phenomenon of thermal expansion.

Our research and consultations have enabled us to develop an action plan and select products for their quality and their ability to respond to thermal loads. Our knowledge combined with the experience we have acquired over many successful high-rise building projects, enable us to deliver added value.

This translates into analyzing projects and making suggestions to the client’s engineering team to reduce the risk of thermal expansion problems and premature wear of equipment. Our advice is very much appreciated by the people in charge of the projects.

Le Groupe Jenaco team, with its professionalism and expertise, always inspires confidence. We know their work will be done on time and will meet the highest standards of quality. We appreciate the skill and passion of the entire team.

John Marcovecchio, President, Magil Construction

Modeling of Mechanical Rooms

Our first experiences in large-scale residential condominium tower projects convinced us of the need to plan mechanical room modeling. This aspect is usually disregarded when evaluating the cost of a project, and is not generally subject to any specification or attribution to a trade, when the plans are drawn up.

Our experience with projects has shown us the need to plan well for these key work areas with limited space. To our way of thinking, installation of these areas must be meticulously planned to facilitate equipment maintenance work and prevent problems after construction. The exercise is of course very demanding due to the many standards that must be respected for each trade, not to mention the many constraints.

Our way of dealing with this reassures everyone on the site. Compliance with the rules for other areas of expertise (electricity, air conditioning, ventilation, fire, etc.) and our meticulous planning work have resulted in the delivery of mechanical rooms with enhanced ergonomics. This way of doing things makes every worker’s job easier, regardless of his or her trade. Everyone is a winner, starting with the client who benefits from a well-planned, mechanical room that operates smoothly.

Management and Quality Control

Le Groupe Jenaco’s creation and development are based on a commitment to total quality. Our quality management relies on and benefits from our collaborative approach and active employee participation, where everyone is encouraged to share their thoughts and to perfect our methods and processes.

To respect our commitment to quality, we rely on a set of actions for planning, management, operations, and quality control. This translates into a set of measures including a diagnostic and evaluation grid and careful monitoring by those in charge throughout the execution of the mandate. This approach minimizes any corrections that must be made at the end of the contract.

Our approach is completed by a compliance verification process and immediate resolution of any deficiencies.

Our quality management principle rallies all our employees, who are aware of their responsibilities. It requires that they have a good understanding of the mandate and that they continue to pay attention when executing each task.

The team at QMD Enterprises Inc. really appreciated Le Groupe Jenaco’s professionalism, collaborative spirit, and overall performance. We are pleased to have extended agreements with Le Groupe Jenaco for Phases 2 and 3 of the LUM PUR FLEUVE real estate project in Brossard. This allows us to finalize the project with this cutting-edge company that has proven to be very reliable.

Jocelyn Plouffe, Project Manager, Entreprises QMD Inc.