Le Groupe Jenaco, which is celebrating its 25th anniversary in 2019, is the realization of an idea by its founder, Jean Turgeon.

After working for eight years in the construction industry, specializing in piping, he decided to found his own plumbing and heating company under the name Plomberie Jenaco.

His credo as an entrepreneur has always been “to create and maintain lasting relationships with clients by focusing on their expectations.” Our company has benefited from his entrepreneurial vision and principles based on meticulousness, know-how, and the partner approach to develop and establish its credibility in the field.

Le Groupe Jenaco

Attuned to emerging trends and always fueled by his desire to push the limits, over the years, Jean Turgeon has developed the various building mechanics specialties within the company.

That is why Plomberie Jenaco became Le Groupe Jenaco in 2010. The company has positioned itself as a one-stop shop in the field of building mechanics with specialties in piping, heating, and plumbing, not to mention energy efficient processes (geothermal, radiant, solar, etc.).

Management has not lost sight of its original vision: to offer the best quality/price ratio with all the professionalism expected by its clients. “I want us to treat all our clients as we would like to be treated ourselves. I think that is the ultimate requirement that will always lead us to give the best of ourselves,” says the founder.

the Future

Aware of the challenges that must be met to maintain the vitality and ensure the future of the company he founded, in 2010, Jean Turgeon started a process to prepare the internal and family succession. Through this process, three new partners were welcomed in 2015. Le Groupe Jenaco is on track for another 25 years!