Corporate culture at Le Groupe Jenaco is based on a key principle: the wealth of its human capital. We consider our people to be the primary factor in our success.

Right from the start, our founder, Jean Turgeon, deliberately chose to surround himself with skilled people, combining knowledge and experience. His desire was, and still is, to bring together people who listen carefully, are open-minded, and willing to work in a collaborative mode.

Even today, his vision of entrepreneurship is still driving him to evaluate future prospects for growth and to ensure sustainability. With this in mind, our company has implemented a process to prepare for internal and family succession. Three people became shareholders in 2015 and three more in 2020. A great way to ensure continuity and vitality for the next 25 years!

Management Team

Jean Turgeon, President and Chief Executive Officer

I began my career as an apprentice pipefitter in 1987, after specialized training and college studies in administration. I worked for the same company until I started my own business in 1994 under the name Plomberie Jenaco.

In 2004, my entrepreneurial vision led me to other horizons. Eager to develop new market segments and to meet the challenges associated with them, I started to surround myself with a team of people who had both knowledge and know-how.

Today, I am proud to have succeeded in creating within the organization a team synergy with a pervasive spirit of collaboration. Respect, openness, sharing, and meticulousness have always been of the utmost importance to me. My guiding principle has been to constantly raise the bar and surpass myself in a search for excellence—to achieve the highest standards of quality in our industry to benefit our clients.

Today, I am proud to have succeeded in creating within the organization a team synergy with a pervasive spirit of collaboration. Respect, openness, sharing, and meticulousness have always been of the utmost importance to me. My guiding principle has been to constantly raise the bar and surpass myself in a search for excellence—to achieve the highest standards of quality in our industry to benefit our clients.

All these elements constantly push me to evaluate the future of the company, and to find ways to improve it and ensure its sustainability through both internal and family succession.

I love to travel, especially to indulge my passion for downhill skiing. I have also been involved in a ringette organization for the past 10 years. It's a great way to recharge my batteries while spending time with my children.

Jean Turgeon

President and Chief Executive Officer

Isabelle Désilets, Vice-President Finance and Chief Financial Officer

I joined Le Groupe Jenaco in 2007 as financial controller. I hold a Bachelor degree in Business Administration, and I have a solid background as a financial analyst. A job I had held in several companies before joining Le Groupe Jenaco.

Since then, I have been in charge and have surrounded myself with a strong team to support the needs of a growing company. Continuing education, developing my skills, and working in close collaboration with my co-workers have all contributed to the success of Le Groupe Jenaco. Each individual’s work is essential to this success, which is why I am grateful to each team member.

The challenges, and there are still many, fuel my desire to surpass myself by always focussing on meeting our clients’ expectations. I enjoy working in collaborative mode and initiating projects within the administrative team for the benefit of the entire company.

I think it is important to take the time to share life experiences with people in the organization. Whether it's a simple meal at a restaurant, a ski trip, a bike ride, or maybe even a weekend in New York!

Isabelle Désilets

Vice-President Finance and Chief Financial Officer

Michel Lachance

Associate | Construction Manager

During my first few years of professional work, I had the opportunity to discover my strengths and develop many of my skills. I learned the importance of a job well done and good coordination. I quickly had to supervise and manage staff. As a volunteer firefighter, I also learned to work in emergency situations.

While I was working, I took several courses. In 2001, I completed my studies in plumbing and heating. I then officially started my career as a plumber’s apprentice at Plomberie Jenaco, which has since become Le Groupe Jenaco.

I developed my expertise and went on to assume the duties of foreman and superintendent; a role I held until 2012, when I became Construction Manager for Le Groupe Jenaco. In October 2015, I became a partner in the company.

In my spare time, I particularly like hockey, cycling, golf, and motorcycling. My core values are: candor, respect, sincerity, and honesty. The people around me appreciate my joie de vivre and my sense of humour.

Michel Lachance

Associate | Construction Director

Nancy Ricard

Associate | Director of Finance and Administration

After working for a few years in a legal accounting firm, I worked as a bookkeeper and accounting analyst for a civil engineering firm specializing in construction for ten years. In 2009, I joined Le Groupe Jenaco, and then became Director of Finance and Administration in 2011. I went on to become a partner in 2015.

In addition to my duties in finance and administration in my various jobs, I have always been responsible for human resources. I thus developed my versatility while discovering a growing interest for this field.

Today, I am still passionate about my work and find it fulfilling; my desire to continue excelling has led me to pursue ongoing training in business management and human resources at the HEC, M3I, the Parcours du Gestionnaire, and the LMI coaching program.

My core values are honesty, loyalty, and respect. This is undoubtedly the reason why, when I commit myself, I get fully involved and see things through to the end. I like to feel that I can make a difference whether it be for an individual, a company, or a cause.

My leisure time is divided between reading, the theatre, and the cinema.

Nancy Ricard

Associate | Director of Finance and Administration

Jean-Sébastien Landry

Associate | Project Manager

I graduated from the École Polytechnique de Montréal in Mechanical Engineering (2003). I was hired by a Canadian company that allowed me to work on major projects such as the Montréal Metro, the Laval Metro, projects in the Calgary oil sands, the upgrade of the Petro-Canada refinery, and a megaproject of four hydroelectric power plants in Ontario.

In 2011, I joined the Groupe Jenaco team as project manager. In October of the same year, I became a father for the first time. I have since had two other children.

Since joining Le Groupe Jenaco, I have surrounded myself with a strong project management team, which is central to the company's achievements and successes. In 2015, I became a partner. My commitment, a strong work ethic, and my passion for construction are the values I bring to my team.

I love the outdoors: I enjoy downhill skiing, mountain and road biking, hiking in the mountains, and camping. I am now passing on to my children this passion for outdoor activities that, in the past, I have enjoyed alone, as part of a couple, and with friends.

Jean-Sébastien Landry

Associate | Project Director, Eng.

Philippe Poitras

Associate | Estimating Manager

A graduate of the École de technologie supérieure and holder of a DEC in building mechanics, I have had the opportunity to work in a variety of jobs in several well-known companies. I have developed my knowledge in several segments of the construction industry, including building mechanics design, energy saving projects, and project management.

On joining Le Groupe Jenaco team in January 2014, I acted as project manager for major projects (Roccabella, Peterson, and Tour du Canadien 2 projects). This helped me better understand what really happens on a worksite and how complex projects are. My skills were recognized and I was moved to the management of the estimating department in 2017.

With my team, I implemented a working methodology to better position us to obtain mandates requiring advanced knowledge in different HVAC networks and in new technologies, especially for data centre rooms and high-rise buildings.

I am so passionate about building mechanics, I’m still thinking about them over my Saturday morning coffee. I am curious, very committed, and have a strong desire to share my knowledge with my partners.

Philippe Poitras

Associate | Estimating Manager, Eng.

André Beauchesne

Associate | Construction Director

André Beauchesne

Associate | Construction Director

I always try to do what I don't know how to do, this is how I hope to learn how to do it.

Pablo Picasso


Chantale Dufour

Billing Technician

Cindy Rougeau

Accounts Receivable Clerk

Ariane Boisvert-Chatigny

Accounts Payable Technician

I never dreamed of success. I worked for it.

Estée Lauder

Martine Raymond

Accounts Payable Technician

France Gauvin


Érica Charest-Lord

Accounts Payable Clerk

Sandrine Béliveau

Administrative Technician

Project Management

Georges Nseir

Senior Project Manager, Eng.

Marie-Pier Pinel

BIM Coordinator

Samuel Vendetti

Project Manager, Special Projects, Jr. Eng.

Noémie Turgeon

Project Manager, Jr. Eng.

Nathalie Gordon

Project Manager

Jean-Philippe Lemieux

Project Manager

Antoine Boutin

Assistant Project Manager

Simon Brossard-Gervais

Construction Site Coordinator

Marie-Pier Giroux

Customer Service Coordinator

Jessica Henault

Project Management Coordinator

Innovation is saying no to a thousand things.

Steve Jobs

Logistics and Procurement

Jean-Philippe Quintal

Manager of Procurement and Logistics

Nicolas Désilets

Coordinator – Finishing Products

Marc Tremblay

Purchasing and Procurement

Sophie Charest

Purchasing and Procurement

Serge Lebrun

Warehouse Manager

Mathieu Tremblay

Warehouse Clerk


Pierre Loyer

Senior Estimator

Michel Bélanger

Senior Estimator

Denis Charron

Senior Estimator

Antonio Ibarra


Julien Lachance

Estimation Coordinator

Mélissa Prédan-Gauvin

Estimating Coordinator

Worksite Operations

Ludovic Cotzavekiaris

Associate | Superintendent

Dominic Beauvais


Dany Gendron


Mathieu Côté


Michel Gadoury

Special Projects, Service, and Maintenance Supervisor

Hector Mondou


Jonathan Duclos


Jonathan Groslouis


Benjamin Labranche


Jérémy Turgeon


Michael Nolette


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